Rules and policies

Most of our rules and policies are set in place to ensure safety.

Please try to follow closely.

 * It is important to be on time to class. Gymnastics is a very special sport that includes preparation of the body and mind to execute tasks. When children come running late to class they are not mentally ready and they are at risk of injury.

* If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please don't come to the gym.

* Pick up time should be right after the class ends.

Please be respecful of our time as much as we are of yours.

* Do not leave children unattended in the gym.

You are responsible of your child until the second we call them in the gym and our responsability ends as we finish the class.

* Children should dress appropriatte for the activity. Girls should wear a leotard or any type of athletic clothing that is tight fitted to the body and boys should wear shorts and tank top. Big t-shirts or street clothes are not acceptable.

* Jewelry is not permitted for the safety of our participants and coaches.

* It is recommended to bring water because we offer water breaks for our participants to teach them to drink water and stay hydrated.

* Parent coaching is not permitted and interaction with  your chidren or any other children is not recommended because we need to have their full attention.

* Any other situation not listed in here will be decided by the program director.

* Our program has the right to refuse service to anyone.




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